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Pentecost 24- November 12th, 2023
November 11, 2023

Sunday Sermoncast- November 12th, 2023

"It is in this, that Paul says we should encourage one another; that we should have hope. Through faith in Christ, whether dead or alive at the end of days, we all have a future forever with Him. Whether we are reunited with our new immortal bodies or assumed alive, Paul deliverers the Gospel promise that for Christians, because of Jesus Christ, the day of the Lord is not darkness, but light and light eternal. This is what marks us Christians as we grieve for our loved ones. We do not grieve in lack of hope. We do not grieve for a falsehood or a lie. But instead, when our loved ones die with faith in Christ, it is not a forever goodbye, but instead, it is an until we meet again.

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