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19th Annual Public Bible Reading- Live Stream Link
June 04, 2021
19th Annual Public Bible Reading
     Opening Reading of Genesis 1 at 1pm
     Closing Reading of Revelation 23 at 2:30pm

Selected portions of Scripture will be read on the live stream before, during and after the Opening and Closing readings.

Click here to join the live stream:

May God Bless your reading and the declaration of His Holy Word!

-Pastor John and the congregation of Resurrection Lutheran Church

19th Annual Public Bible Reading- June 6th, 2021 Update
May 29, 2021
Dear Readers for the 19th Annual Public Bible Reading,
First, I want to thank all of you who helped to gather readers or those that volunteered to read for the 19th Annual Bible Reading this year.  Your support of the communal and public reading of God's Word is greatly appreciated.
Due to the extension of the provincial lock-down which caps outdoor religious gatherings at 10 people, we will be unable to hold the Annual Public Bible Reading at the Pembroke Amphitheatre on June 6th.  That said, God's Word is more powerful than any restrictions placed on the Christian Community.  We will proceed and encourage those who are reading to gather in physically distanced groups of up to 10 at your churches or in backyards as you feel comfortable.  Please talk with other readers and see what works best for them.  If people would rather read at their homes than in a group, that is perfectly acceptable.  God's grace is especially important during times like these.
We will open at 1pm with a live-streamed reading from Genesis 1 on YouTube and conclude together at 2:30pm with a live-stream reading from Revelation 22.  A link will be posted on the Resurrection Lutheran Church website ( and Facebook Page ( later this coming week.
By God's grace, at this time next year we will be done with this pandemic and we can gather around God's Word in person. COVID cannot and will not defeat us as Christians. Our Lord is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and His Son Jesus Christ defeated death through His resurrection to new life. COVID is nothing when compared to the glory of our God. Our reading of His Word, whether together or apart, declares His victory over Satan in power with the hope of eternal life through the forgiveness of our sins... a message of hope we all need to grasp hold of at this time. If you have any questions, please let me know.
For His Glory,
-Pastor John+
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Annual Bible Reading
May 20, 2021

Christians come together and read God's Word!

Hosted by Resurrection Lutheran Church, the plan is, if govt. restrictions allow, to meet at the Pembroke Waterfront Amphitheatre on June 6th at 1pm to read through the entire Bible in around 1 hour. If restrictions do not allow this, readers can gather in small groups or family units at their homes or churches to read.
Readings are given out in 1 hour chunks that can be read by one person or split between multiple people. Join us in reading all of God's Word to bless ourselves and bless our communities through the power of the Word!
To join the Christian community in the Ottawa Valley for this event you can message RLC on Facebook, e-mail us at or call our Readings Coordinator Ruth Kirk-Davidson, at (613) 735-1877.
Once we have confirmation you are joining this event and how many people you think would read, we will assign to you sections of Scripture to read in 1 hour blocks. And don't worry, we have a plan for the hardest sections of Scripture to read, so no one will be assigned a long genealogy with really hard names or anything like that!
Please join us in blessing our communities and our nations at a time when God's love and His Word is needed most!
For His Glory!
-Pastor John+