Resurrection Lutheran Church : Our Faith

RLC is affiliated with two Lutheran bodies:


CALC – Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations




LCMC – Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ


According to CALC, “we unite in confident reliance upon the Holy Spirit by whom we are drawn to God and to one another.  ...We are mindful of our own inadequacies, but we have unwavering confidence in the destiny and duty of the one true Church of Jesus Christ...we dedicate ourselves anew to proclaim in word and deed...the Gospel of forgiveness and life everlasting through Jesus Christ our Lord...building upon the Sacred Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions.  CALC has congregations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskachawan, and Ontario


LCMC is an international Lutheran body that understands the church of Christ to be the people of God gathered around the Word and Sacraments. Faith is born and nurtured in this community where lives are changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. LCMC has congregations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Belarus, Cambodia, Haiti, India, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nicaragua, South Africa, South Korea and Vietnam.

Our Faith


      We believe in and worship the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through whom all things were made. By His Word, the Bible, God teaches us all we need to know about faith, theological belief, and the principles of life that enable successful daily living.


     Central to our faith is the historical act of God in sending His Son, Jesus, to take on human flesh and live among us. This same Jesus willingly and sacrificially bore the sin of all humanity, being crucified by the inability of humans to recognize and admit the truth of their sin and the unconditional love of God to forgive and save from that sin.


     By humble and obedient faith that acknowledges our need for salvation, we give up (die to) the ways in which we attempt to control our circumstances, and exactly why Jesus died, and His miraculous resurrection broke the power of that sin, so that a whole new life was made available, one in which faith in God's loving plan is the guiding force.


     RLC takes literally the truth of this Good News, and we commit ourselves to helping one another take up the challenge to be changed by the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished through learning to interact intimately, trusting each other's counsel and encouragement, studying God's Word and worshiping together, understanding that our faith will grow only as we face the challenges and realities of our lives.