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Do you have a question about how Christianity can be applied in your daily life?  Read some questions and answers from RLC's column in the Pembroke Observer and feel free to ask your own questions!  This Blog will give you a sample of some past columns.


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Eternally Grateful- February 12, 2011
June 5, 2011

Dear Sam,

In your last column you said “not every response to us has to do with us”. It was like a light going on. I've always assumed that if someone ignores me or hurts me in some way that it must be because I deserved it. But I often could not figure it out. It never, never occurred to me that someone could have a bad day, take it out on me, and it really wasn't my fault. This is so shocking to me that it will take me a while to sort it out in my mind. But thank you, thank you for changing my life.

Eternally Grateful

Dear Grateful,

I am so very pleased that a truth (which is always from God) has invaded your prison cell and set you free. It's amazing how easily we can think and act to hurt ourselves. Your healing has begun, but don't stop here. Make sure you gather around you a group of people who can help you to continue to examine your beliefs and reactions, so that you can discover any other misconceptions about life and reality. May God continue to bless you.


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