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Do you have a question about how Christianity can be applied in your daily life?  Read some questions and answers from RLC's column in the Pembroke Observer and feel free to ask your own questions!  This Blog will give you a sample of some past columns.


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Confident of Myself- September 18th, 2010
September 28, 2010

Dear Sam,

  A couple of weeks ago you talked about God’s plan for a person’s life. That’s all religious, but what if I can’t or don’t want to do that plan. I don’t want my free will and personality to be smothered by some divine demand. I want to be me, and I think that is good and correct.
   Confident of myself

Dear Confident,

  In that article I said that God’s plan was to bring a person (his child, he is the Father) to maturity. Maturity means good character, wisdom, the ability to make responsible and creative decisions. It is not God’s intent to dictate each and every moment of a person’s life. That, in fact, would be counter-productive to God’s plan.
   Having said that, there are factors that cannot be avoided or ignored; factors that do have some control over one’s life. The period in history, the technological advances, the specific family and nationality into which one is born. Over these you have no free will. You are, however, free to address the issues inherent in your sphere, or not. If there is a divine demand, it is to live in the reality of what is going on around you, and to respond in a way that enhances the world and society.
   The real you needs to emerge as you discover your innate abilities, your giftings, what it is that thrills you. Most of this you cannot make up, and so you have to distinguish between what is childish wishful-thinking and what is possible with dedicated effort. That’s not easy, and we make lots of errors as we learn that kind of discernment. But we are free to learn, to be humbled, to be exalted, to make a life-story out of all of our experiences. And that will be “you”.
   By his nature, God cannot control you or force you into a mold. He can and does offer you some pretty realistic perspectives on life, relationships, meaning and purpose. You can receive his offer or refuse it. That is his plan. That means that you will bear the consequences of your decision. That is his plan.
   Do work hard at discovering who you are, and while you are at it, plumb the depths of why you are so afraid of being controlled and smothered. When you really face these issues, you’ll be pleased to see a new, fresh, free person emerge from the cocoon.

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