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Do you have a question about how Christianity can be applied in your daily life?  Read some questions and answers from RLC's column in the Pembroke Observer and feel free to ask your own questions!  This Blog will give you a sample of some past columns.


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Needer of Help- November 6, 2010
January 16, 2011

Dear Sam,

  I am so guilty all the time. I’m not even sure what it is that I do so wrong, but no matter what, I blame myself and feel awful. I’ve confessed known sins, I’ve gotten absolution, I pray to God all the time. But no relief. I can’t keep living like this.

Dear needer of Help,

  I’m glad you are ready to give up your guilt and all the attendant feelings. There really is a better way to live. Are you ready to get serious and do some hard work? You will be both surprised and encouraged to know that you really do have a lot of hope in fighting this dis-ease. But it will also require you to have the courage to face some truths about yourself. Are you ready?
   With this type of chronic guiltiness there is a chronic inability to take and maintain a position of responsibility. This doesn’t sound right, because you do feel responsible, and that’s the trouble. But feeling responsible and being responsible are two different things.
   Somewhere along the line you missed the part about taking the initiative to formulate your own ideas and identity. This guilt is about your fear of the opinion of others, your lack of self-confidence and self-reliance. This guilt can act as a substitute for a genuine involvement in life. I suspect that you have a hard time being the person you would really like to be because you are always looking over your shoulder to see who will be accusing you, watching and waiting for you to make a mistake that can then be used against you. Guess what - that accusing, stalking person is you yourself. And you will never get away from you. But you can change the person who observes and judges you. You can face the truth of things you have done that actually are wrong, and you can face the truth that you have allowed yourself to be judged wrongly. I’d like to see you stand before a mirror and tell that person to stop the abuse. Tell that person (you) that you will no longer accept feelings as facts. Just because you feel guilty does not make it so.
   It’s time for you to get tough, refuse to pander to the inner fears and develop a back-bone that will stand straight and tall.
   This will not be easy. I imagine you have tried this before. But now you are going to get some help. Find a friend who is willing to confront you if you start to blame yourself again. Tell this friend to make you responsible for dealing with real issues and then put it behind you. You will banish the tyrant that has kept you locked up in this agonizing prison. God says that your sins, confessed and repented, are removed from you as far as east is from the west. That’s the truth. That’s the reality. Live in reality.

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